Enjoy Past Night at the Restaurant on Friday nights.
Come join us this Friday from 5 pm - 8:30 pm.
Build your own pasta dish served with salad and bread sticks.
Date: October 17, 2015
The Fall Reunion for the Valley of Kansas City is nearing. This is a special invitation to all Shriners who have not yet joined the Scottish Rite to join us and become Scottish Rite Masons. Payment can be made at the link below and a petition request at the information link or telephone number. Petitions are also available online at the link below.

All current Scottish Rite Masons are invited to attend and support this Spring Reunion and our own Kansas City Valley.
For information: Email - Or call: 816.226.8012
At Ararat Shrine Center
Seamstress available for re-design and alteration ideas.
Accepting donations of Gowns, Purses & Shoes

Proceeds benefit Tarrara Court #83
For info call Mary Witte - 276-7576 or Ararat Shrine office - 923-1975
The 80th Annual Ararat Shrine Circus now at Independence Events Center
Shrine Business Office - 816-923-1975  [Not a charitable donation]
The Circus Mom & Dad pins are in.
Cost: $25 each or $40 for both. Help send a child to the Circus Purchase your Mom & Dad pins at the office or online at the Ararat Shrine website store. Nobles receive 25 crown jewel points for the purchase of one pin or 50 for both. Additional pins or $$$ will earn 25 crown jewel points apiece to a maximum of 500 points.
Get your Circus T-Shirt - support the Circus and show off our great new location at Independence Events Center. Thanks to Pat Hoesley for all the great artwork on the pins and shirts this year.
The cost to own this handsome shirt is only $20 - Payable at the business office.
Circus collection commission:
For any circus money (public donations, sponsorships, program ads) that a noble turns in he will receive a 15% commission toward the purchase of a Shrine Circus ticket. For example if a noble turns in $100 he can request one $15 Shrine Circus ticket.

Ten Circus script vouchers and a letter were mailed to each noble. The noble can choose to:

  • Donate $100 toward the Circus and exchange those ten vouchers at the Ararat Shrine business office for ten $15 Shrine Circus tickets valued at $150.
  • Donate $100 or more toward the Circus and return the ten vouchers to Ararat Shrine to be included in a ticket voucher pool for those nobles needing additional Shrine Circus tickets to give to their Circus supporters.
Ticket voucher pool:
There will be 200 Shrine Circus tickets for each public performance place in a ticket voucher pool. This means a total of 1400 tickets valued at $15 each totaling $21,000 will be placed in a ticket voucher pool. Nobles who have collected at least $200 by October 23rd at 4:00 PM can submit their written request to the Shrine business office for additional Shrine Circus tickets to give to their Circus supporters. Written requests will be accepted until October 23rd at 4:00 PM. Requests will be granted based on the number of vouchers available (at least 1400) and based on the percentage of money collect by those nobles requesting additional Shrine Circus tickets. Notification of the additional ticket vouchers granted will occur on October 26th first via email and then via phone if an email address is not given. Each receiving noble will have until November 4th to go to the Ararat business office to redeem their additional Shrine Circus ticket vouchers for complimentary reserve seat tickets. The 200 tickets for each performance will be distributed on a first come, first serve, and best seat available basis. The office staff will have a list of how many additional ticket vouchers each noble was granted. After November 4th all remaining ticket vouchers will be void and the remaining tickets will be made available for purchase by the general public.
Fall Ceremonial - 1 Day Only – November 21, 2015 -
Dress is business casual with sport coat!
Come join us for an entirely modernized Ceremonial!!
All Candidate Petitions and accompanying fees must be turned in to the Business Office by 7:00 pm on November 11, 2015.
Dues & Initiation Fees total $240.00 not including Fez.
Link: Candidate Online Payment
The Ararat Oriental Band Ladies are starting their Annual Nut Sale.
We have nuts, dried fruits, chocolate & candy coated products, sugarless items and much more.

To place an order call either:
Jerri Dowdy 816-941-0620
Claire Lindsey 816-743-80904
Lisa Spotts 816-257-5767
If you haven't checked out the Shrine Photos you should do so and as usual thank the Dowdys for their fine efforts in providing many of the photos of events on the website.
Don't forget to call the restaurant office to host your next get together. The Shrine can support your small card groups to large parties of 10 to 1,000 and make them a success.
For more information call at 816.923.1995
Ararat Club Restaurant: Open to the public - 11:30 am - 9 pm Mon-Sat
Link: Ararat Club Menu
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